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• The excellent properties of Afzelia Africana wood concerning dimensional stability and high natural durability are comparable to some well-known timbers such as Merbau and Teak. • The wood is hard and heavy, durable to very durable, being resistant to termites and dry wood borers and very resistant to fungi.  • It seasons slowly, with a slight risk of checking or distortion; once dried it is stable in service.  • An excellent timber, it is considered to be a good substitute for mahogany (Swietenia). 

➢ Uses / Application: 


✓ The wood of Afzelia Africana is characterized by an excellent stability with little susceptibility to variations in humidity, small shrinkage rates during drying and a good natural durability.  ✓ The wood is durable and treatment with preservatives is un-necessary, even for usage in permanent humid conditions or in localities where wood-attacking insects are abundant.  ✓ This makes it an excellent wood for use in Ship building, Canoes, Pleasure-crafts, especially for keels, stems and panels, for bridges, as well as interior fittings.  ✓ The wood is also valued for joinery and paneling, both interior and exterior, parquet floors, doors, frames, stairs, furniture and sporting goods.    ✓ It is commonly used for decorative sliced veneer.  ✓ The wood has a wide range of uses, including for, construction. ✓ Because of its good resistance to many chemical products and great dimensional stability, it is often preferred to materials like metals and synthetics for vats and precision equipment in industrial applications.  ✓ The neutral pH of the wood makes it suitable for applications in contact with vulnerable objects such as antiques and old books in libraries.   


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